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Dude. Just freaking awesome. I literally have no criticisms about the wings whatsoever - it is just perfect. Thank you for this!
You guys are making a dam good burger!!
Me and my husband tried mandos for the 1st time the Sunday he had the remix chicken yakisoba. We ordered remix wings, remix yakisoba, and 2 steakouts. Let me start by saying this was the best food I have a had (period) The steakout was my favorite!! I will put this steak sandwhich against ANY other, and I sure It will win. Not only was the food amazing but so was the service! I will be going back asap!! #getsomemandosinyourlife
Never a let down I have tried everything on the menu and it's never been a let down I love the food their and always look forward to going back
Best burger joint in the NW. I've been around, traveling and flying in and out of cities. Highly recommend Mandos. Fresh and delicious. Must have been a confused customer trying another place to rate this a 2 star.
Now, I'm not trying to be rude Felony Flats, I'm feelin' you Throwing down the way you do Remind me to fist bump the crew That's why I'm all up in your grill Tryin' to get my fill You must be the Greatest Ali Lil OMSI taking on The 503 So, gimme that "San-Do" Lemme get that "Ci-lan-tro" Getting more for my dough Pouncin' on Beef and Avocado While they sayin' on the iPhone It's the remix to nutrition Mando's Red Rolling Kitchen Mando grillin' that burger Got every Portlander wishin' Slip in R. Kelly's words For some Pearl District bird It's the eatin' weekend I'm about to have me some grub Pounce, pounce, pounce Pounce, pounce, pounce
Mando's remix wings are like an explosion of flavor in your mouth. They smell salty but when you bite in it's all crunchy with a sweet kind of caramelization to them. I also had a steakout sando and it was amazing. My friend had the 503 and said it was hands down one of the best burgers she has tasted. Oh and don't forget to try the cupcakes made by Creme de la Creme Cupcakery. I tried the raspberry lemon and strawberry shortcake. They were moist and not overly sweet. I will definitely be back to Mandos to try something different. Highly recommend
I tried the Pearl burger and it was fantastic. But the kicker was when my wife ordered the wings. My daughter is particular with what type of chicken she eats( she only likes chicken nuggets) but we had her taste the wings and she liked them a lot. If you are in Portland, try Mando's Burger and wings.
Well we took our youngest granddaughter to this location for her birthday dinner it was highly recommended by my granddaughter so off we went. I have to say it's delicious the meat in those hamburgers is out of this world good and we tried 2 different kinds we all tried everybody's and the Chicken wings are delicious you really need to try those the only thing and I hate to say anything negative because the people in that truck are fun happy having a good time and love and life and they make you enjoy spending your money with them the only thing I would say that wasn't pleasant was The Onion rings were a little too greasy but otherwise I'm telling you I don't care where you live in Portland you need to go to this location and try those burgers and sandwiches and wings yummy and his wife makes homemade cupcakes that they have occasionaly so there you go there you have it I hope you try it out we're gonna go back again
Best wings in PDX! The Alameda is an amazing burger! Add some cupcakes for dessert to top off the amazing dining experience!!
Food and Service is on point . The burger was bomb and my girl said her wings were fried to perfection . We'll be coming back very soon
If you are looking for amazing food... definitely go to Mando's. Delicious food, great people, great atmosphere. They have covered outside seating, indoor air conditioned seating with TV. Also clean inside bathroom. When you get there it might seem like parking would be a problem but I have been there numerous times and never had an issue. Best chicken wings I have EVER had! Do yourself a favor and GO!
My first bite summoned expletives of joy My second bite confirmed that I had made the right choice this fine day My third bite was of my wife's burger. She had chosen well for herself but it wasn't the sweet sauce, crunchy ring and juicy beef that I needed. Yes. I needed it by now. It had become a craving so deep I had to devour my Alameda burger immediately The fries were really good too